Born and raised outside of Pittsburgh, PA, Sara is named after the rather obscure James Taylor song "Sarah Maria" (on JT's Gorilla album). Her Dad just forgot to add the "h."  

Sara was classically trained in piano, which led to her interest in other instruments. She's been making up songs since she was very small. Most of her childhood memories involve music.

Sara spent many summers volunteering in Kentucky, where the bluegrass music influenced her writing. At age 15, she borrowed her Uncle's guitar, and around age 22 she taught herself the ukulele. The first time she tried it, she played for 8 hours straight and forgot to eat. It was just too fun to put back down. 

Sara lived in Los Angeles for six years and has performed at The Mint, Melrose Trading Post on Fairfax and the Hollywood Farmers Market, as well as at The Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, TN, and numerous venues in Pittsburgh, including headlining a show at Mr. Smalls Funhouse.

Sara's poetry, non-fiction, and essays have appeared in numerous publications. She is proud graduate of Gettysburg College, where she studied English Literature, Philosophy, and writing. She earned a masters degree in professional writing from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh.

Sara lives in Pittsburgh with her husband, Drew.